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dear listener,

When I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at age 27, I was led to new paths in health that I was completely unaware of before I got sick.  Because I didn’t receive treatment at a hospital with an integrative medicine department, it was up to me to find resources outside of conventional medicine to support my healing. This is still true today even as I walk in my survivorship. When you are diagnosed with something like cancer, you will do anything to save your life.  I remember spending hours on the internet trying to find information on how things like nutrition, meditation and forms of body work would help alleviate my treatment side effects and prevent recurrence. I am so grateful for the many people in my life whose personal and professional wisdom and work in holistic medicine have supported me in healing and changed my life. I’m also grateful for the many other young women I’ve connected with over the years who reach out to me with questions on these topics - the most common being, “where do I begin?”

Finding holistic health resources can feel like a full time job. It’s even more challenging when you’re navigating it alone; the need for creating community around healing is great, and essential for our wellbeing. To try and be of service, I’ve been working on some new projects to hopefully help bridge this gap  — this podcast is one of them.

I’m not an integrative medical doctor, and I can’t make medical recommendations. But as a young cancer survivor and licensed yoga therapist, I can share with you resources and experiences from this perspective that have changed my life. And through the lens of yoga — an ancient practice with the philosophy that the wisdom and answers you are seeking are already within you —  I trust that if you’re interested in finding ways to support your health outside of conventional medicine, you’ll know what resonates for you because healing is innate. It comes from within. YOU are the healer. There is nothing you need to seek because each and every part of your life already makes you whole. It is often true, too, that trying one modality will lead you to another and another. Holism. The beauty of integrative medicine and holistic healing is that it’s not a one size fits all approach. What works for some may not work for others. Even on a healing path things change and shift because that’s the nature of life.

These conversations and resources are in no way meant to serve as a replacement for conventional medical treatments. We need and can learn from both. It should also be noted that creating new patterns to make healthy lifestyle choices is really hard at times! Do you know how many times I tried to be vegan and then ate cheese? All of this life, a practice.

I created The Whole Healing Podcast as a way to share some of the wisdom and resources that have come across my path over the last six years. Some very generous and lovely people have agreed to sit down with me and share their stories, and I couldn't be more grateful. The conversations you will hear are from leaders in holistic and integrative medicine, healers, artists, any many more -- all who have been lead to a healing path or new work in healing because of unexpected circumstances that completely changed the direction of their life and purpose.  Along the way, I ask each of them one common question, “What have you learned and what are learning about what it means to love yourself?” Because this is where it begins -- with the love and compassion we show ourselves.

May these stories be in service of your highest health and healing, and inspire you to imagine a whole new way to approach modern health care.

With love and gratitude,