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self compassion & Care for Creatives



The root of our self care begins with self compassion -- the practice of unconditional love towards ourselves no matter what the moment presents.  Since our culture demands a constant outpour of our energy, we push ourselves past our limits all in the name of deadlines, overcommitting and keeping up; resulting in stress, burnout and blocked creativity.

When we intentionally make time in our lives to slow down and honor the need to love ourselves, we allow the body mind connection to rest and become deeply nourished. From this space, our nervous system becomes more resilient , deepens our sense of self compassion and awakens and enhancse our creativity and intuition.

We invite you to gather in supportive community with other female creatives as we become present in our bodies and discover ways to create sustainable, self care and compassion practices to support the health, healing and creativity of ourselves and the world around us. Healthy drinks and snacks will be shared!


WELCOME Breathing and Centering Practice

PRACTICE 1 The Witness Conscious: The Foundation & Art of Being a Curious Observer

PRACTICE 2 Guided Deep Relaxation: Release Stress, Open to Love

PRACTICE 3 Let it Flow: Compassion through Creative Writing

INTEGRATION Cultivating Sustainable Practice in Your Daily Life

INTERCONNECTION The Wholeness in Me Serves the Wholeness in You: Creative Ways to Give Back

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