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SPECIAL EVENT: Healing through Nourishment with NuGenesis founder Kathy Bero

Join us for a special afternoon of empowered healing as we share how the role of nutrition and yoga support one another in nourishing the mind body connection while healing and preventing disease. Together we will explore body awareness and breathing practices as tools to access the innate wisdom of our bodies, encourage relaxation and become mindful of the positive choices in food selection, preparation and consumption. We will then look to how the anti-inflammatory and angiogenesis balancing properties of certain foods can prevent chronic illness, support the body through medical treatment, and prevent recurrence. We look forward to seeing you! 


This is a donation based event! To Register, please contact


Kathy Bero ~ Having beat stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and a rare high-grade tumor in her head and neck, Bero has taken her previous advocacy work in a new direction.  She is the founder of NuGenesis, a non-profit organization that teaches how to grow, cook and understand the health benefits of using food as medicine.  Bero believes that true health care reform begins with the quality of the food we eat.